Instrument Repairs

Portobello Music undertake a wide variety of instrument repair and maintenance work – everything from the replacement of a single string to a full-blown instrument renovation. We also undertake amplifier and electronics repairs. Call us for a no obligation quote, or simply drop the item by the shop.


Portobello Music specialises in the repair and overhaul electric/acoustic guitars and string-family instruments.
We also service and repair amplifiers, keyboards, pedals and other electronics.

Please give us a ring on 020 7221 4040 to discuss your requirements.

Acoustic/Electric Guitars:

  • Action/intonation setup
  • Full/partial refret and fret profiling
  • Nut/saddle setup/replacement
  • All electrical work, pickup rewinds
  • Cracks/cosmetic work, and also major structural repairs
  • Headstock break repair
  • Hardware replacements and upgrades

Example prices


a) Electric Guitar setup (including new strings) £50+VAT:

  • Action set to customer’s requirements – neck adjust; nut and saddle attention – fret dress if required
  • Intonation set
  • Fingerboard cleaned/oiled
  • Electrics inspected/serviced
  • Hardware serviced/lubricated as required
  • Instrument cleaned and polished


b) ‘Mini’ setup (including new strings) from £30+VAT:

  • Action to customer’s requirements & intonation set
  • Fingerboard cleaned/oiled
  • Hardware serviced/lubricated as required
  • Instrument cleaned and polished

violin family

Portobello Music services and violins and other related string instruments.

Typical work undertaken for string family instruments:

  • Bow Rehair
  • Bridge fitting
  • Soundpost fitting
  • Fingerboard fitting
  • Neck grafting
  • Peg bushing
  • Edge repair
  • Peg fitting
  • Rib repair
  • Bassbar fitting
  • Crack repair and varnish retouching
  • Pickup installation and repair


Portobello Music services modern and vintage keyboards.

We tune and service Wurlitzer and Fender Rhodes electric pianos
and replacement Wurlitzer and Rhodes parts.


We repair amplifiers including Marshall, Fender, Vox, and Peavey.

We also repair effects and other electronics