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Teisco Kingston Vintage Violin Bass Guitar 1960s – Cherry Red


Vintage Teisco Violin Bass guitar semi hollow.

Made in Japan 1960s

The Teisco brand would often use different names depending possibly on the country they were exporting to.

This guitar has a very straight neck and a good action. The sound is as expected from a Hofner Violin bass having the hollow “dong” Beatles sound. It’s distinctive sound can be heard typically on the opening of Day Tripper.

The frets are in good condition and the electrics are sound and not noisy.

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Can be viewed and tried at our premises – W11 1HA (Notting Hill)

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Gibson ’61 Reissue SG Standard 2003, Faded Cherry

Almost perfect Gibson SG 62 reissue – from 2003. All original parts and controls

Neck and frets are in beautiful condition. Original fitted case

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Can be tried and viewed at our premises – W11 1HA (Notting Hill)

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Yamaha SG-3000S 1983 – 1986 – Metallic Gold

Yamaha SG3000s made in 1983

Beautiful birds eye maple top. . Has had the lacquer stripped and then polished many years ago.

Neck crack happened and was  repaired many years ago aslo. The neck is perfectly even and straight and it has the select top quality ebony fingerboard which is rich in colour and nicely inlaid. It plays wonderfully.

Can be tried and viewed at our premises – W11 1HA (Notting Hill)

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Fender Squier Affinity Stratocaster  Outfit

Fender Stratocaster Includes  Squier amp, Carry Cover,Cable , Clip on Auto Tuner, Plectrums. IN STOCK for XMAS

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Fully set up with low action, perfectly tuned and easy to play


10 watt Squier Practice Amp



Gibson Les Paul Standard 1989


Classic 89 Les Paul. A great year for the Les Paul.

Plays great . Low action . Neck straight. Frets in excellent condition

Has had a neck repair done very well at one of the New York repair shops.

QUOTE from from Gibson employee: –

“I worked in the white wood machine dept at Gibson during 89-92. I served in a few capacities; neck fitting, routing and spindle sand, and neck fill- color selection. I also served as QC for both neck and body lines as well as white wood machine. I personally assembled the husks of all firebirds and thunderbirds during that time.
Gibson was a different animal at that time- we only built about 175-190 guitars in total a day at that time. Henry was struggling to bring the brand back to prominence. If it were not for guns and roses sweet child o mine and the brilliantly conceived Les Paul Classic ( designed by JT Riboloff) , Gibson might have been a much different ( and marginal ) company in the ensuing years!


Danelectro Baritone Guitar

30 inch Scale length baritone . Unusual attractive design.

Originally Danelectro brought out the baritone guitars in the late 50s.

Long neck. Excellent condition



Hofner Verythin Reissue


Born in 1960 the Verithin guitar was developed to appeal to the many beat groups that were appearing across Europe as Rock ‘N Roll took the imagination of youngsters everywhere. It was created to give the player a lightweight stylish guitar with an ultra thin body (just 1.25 inches) no deeper than the average solid body guitar while still providing the tone of a semi-acoustic. Hollow bodied,

Notting Hill W11
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Yamaha Pacifica

Popular starter guitar . Niceley set up with low action. Good pickups. £159

With small amp, cable, cover and clip on tiuer . £219  SOLD

Ibanez Talman

Late 80s Original design by Ibanez. A well made quality guitar .

Classic lipstick pickups

£349  SOLD